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¿Quiénes somos?

Virtual Architecture Company, which provides consultancy and mentoring services for companies, and the development of projects in the Metaverse.

Our Multidisciplinary Team formed by Metaverse Specialists has been solving for years all kinds of projects that come into our hands, overcoming the limits of technology and creating a brighter future for everyone. Since our foundation we have guided and accompanied companies in their positioning and access to the Metaverse.


Virtual Reality and the Metaverse, in convergence with all the technologies that surround it, have arrived to transform relationships by influencing all sectors and all jobs. Having a proactive vision towards the future and an entrepreneurial vision positions us on the side of the creators of the Metaverse.


Pushing the limits of technology and creating a brighter future for all. Optimizing Human Well-Being and Sustainable Development through innovation and technological solutions that enable people to connect with the world in an easier and more meaningful way. Creating accessible, intuitive and efficient services.


Our solvency responding to the commitment made to our customers, offering innovative and quality solutions, adapting to the constantly evolving market. We encourage leadership and teamwork to achieve our goals and those of our clients with integrity and responsibility.

What do we do?


Virtual experience

Experiences to bring users (workers, clients, etc. ….) closer to the new possibilities of action offered by virtual spaces and metaverses in the company.


Demonstration of physical spaces, product displays, trophies, wideowalls, etc… accompanied by different experiences that make the corporate spaces in the company more attractive.


New models of wealth creation and consumption possibilities for companies with immersive virtual reality commerce that improves the processes of physical shops.

Business meetings

Immersive virtual rooms with corporate design that adapt to all needs: internal meetings, collaboration and commercial meetings for companies and future clients.


Creating immersive and controlled virtual environments has opened up new possibilities for the treatment of different disorders and the improvement of patients’ general well-being.

Virtual and Advertisign

Unlimited corporate and business events, networking and advertising. Virtual experiences that position the company’s image in innovative leadership.

Digital twin

Virtual recreation of buildings, spaces, products and improved prototypes for prior study. This process will reduce design errors in future physical constructions saving time and money.

AI Integration

Automation of staff by creating AI-trained avatars to facilitate presence in multiple spaces and moments. Automation of processes within the spaces in virtual reality to help resolve any questions about the company.


Employee training and education, enabling immersive and engaging learning experiences that are more effective than traditional methods.

Virtual real estate

Virtual reality technology allows customers to view and explore properties virtually, which in turn reduces the time and costs associated with physically viewing multiple properties.


Gamification and entertainment as a customer acquisition and loyalty strategy. Companies in the luxury fashion sector such as Louis Vuitton are already using this new strategy today.

Customer care

Application of virtual experiences that integrate with customer service to enhance the user experience by providing a more efficient and meaningful service.

We create value

3 · Health and well-being

Social Integration reducing the feeling of Loneliness by eliminating physical barriers between people.

Application of Virtual Reality in practical First Aid training services.

4 · Quality Education

Modernisation of training and academic techniques.

Optimisation of training resources and processes for educational and business environments.

5 · Gender Equality

Personalisation and Improvement of the Attention to People.

Family reconciliation by eliminating or reducing work displacements.

7 · Insurable and non-polluting energy

Elimination of travel and journeys, reducing the company’s impact on the Carbon Footprint.

Generation of Virtual Spaces without the need for maintenance costs or environmental wear and tear.

8 · Decent work and economic growth

Reduction of Construction and Maintenance Costs and Times.

Improved Segmented Communication targeted at Potential Customers.

9 · Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

New Business Models and Economic Sectors..

New Ways of Monetisation for Enterprises, integration.

11 · Sustainable Cities and Communities

Virtual Buildings and Digital Twins that eliminate the transformation of Natural Space.

Recognition as an Innovative Brand with Disruptive Solutions.

12 · Responsible Production and Consumption

Versatility of spaces eliminating environmental costs.

Experimentation of spaces prior to construction to improve and reduce environmental impact.


Rubén Muedra

Founder & CEO meta·v·arch


Raúl Escudero

Business Manager Partner meta·v·arch


Javier Hinojosa

CDO meta·v·arch


David Muedra

CCO meta·v·arch


Inés Fabra

Team Coordination


Daniel del Amo

Lead Designer


Álvaro Vázquez



Ferrán Doménech

Conceptual Art

3D Artist

Juán Serrano

Conceptual Art

3D Artist

Eriberto Caria

Corporate Design

Graphic Designer

Expandable according to needs

meta·v·arch Technical Staff

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