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Iris Project

Development of intelligent VR glasses This project is based on the development of a new specific operating system and the purchase of the company Raxium, which specialises in MicroLED screens.

Starline Project

A natural-feeling telepresence system that makes us feel the presence of the other person in a video call.

Amazon Web Services

Cloud computing services platform that enables the deployment of virtual spaces and metaverses.

Metaverso AWS Cloud Quest

3D gameplay on the AWS platform. The simplified design Metaverse aims to showcase the potential of its AWS cloud computing platform.

Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds introduces Horizon Worlds Persistent Immersive Metaverse for Oculus Quest.

Meta Quest Pro

Launches in 2023 the Meta Quest Pro, a high-end device. The glasses feature a robust and elegant design, highlighting the “Eye Tracking” system for eye tracking and facial expressions.


Virtual reality and mixed reality helmet. The product will be launched by the end of 2023 and will be accompanied by the first metaverse launched by Apple.


Launch a major recruitment campaign in 2022 to hire staff specialising in Virtual Reality programming and design.

Trend in large

Louis The Game

A gameplay in its own private metaverse to celebrate the brand’s 200th birthday. The aim is to attract and retain customers using gamification.

NFT Limited Version

Launches its collection of luxury items in NFT version. Unique, digital items on the Ethereum network.


Your space in the Roblox Metaverse. More than 7 million people have visited your online shop.

The aim of the development of the Metaverse is to generate a common virtual space where fans can meet, socialise, participate in various promotions launched exclusively for their space in the Metaverse, seeking to engage them in a range of brand experiences.

Gucci Town

A digital place on the Roblox Metaverse. Where you can discover more about the Signature and connect with like-minded people from all over the world and express your own individuality.

The Sandbox

In line with its innovative positioning, buy land in The Sandbox, creating its virtual space.

Developing your Metaverse

It wants to unify all its licences in one place in order to reach all audiences. The brand aims to connect the physical world with the digital world, generating new products and experiences for consumers, an opportunity to reach all corners of the world.

In this way, Disney wants to generate new opportunities for consumers.

Liberland Metaverse

Design and create a virtual city within the metaverse that seeks to “expand the development of Liberland as a libertarian micronation”.

In the land where everything is possible, they wanted to bring to life a place where people can buy land using cryptocurrencies and enter its architectural constructions in the form of an avatar through the Mytaverse. The buildings in Liberland have the same classic and recognisable design as always.

Sells Properties

The developer has issued NFTs – non fungible tokens – for a total value of 27.4 million euros to exclusively market a selection of 14 properties from the Málaga Towers Living, Vision and Residencial Halia projects.

Datacasas Proptech Alliance

Became the first Spanish developer to sell its real properties on the Decentraland Metaverse.

Gilmar Tower

It opens its commercial headquarters in Decentraland. The company hopes to grow its market through a new digital sales office, where it has already begun offering new customer experiences and marketing its physical homes.

Brand Equity

“The metaverse is a unique space where we can deliver memorable experiences to our customers.”

Designs Viceverse

Their design for Virtue Worldwide, the creative agency powered by Vice Media Group, which is their first building design in the metaverse.

Virtual Research

The digital office is located on the Decentraland platform. The space will serve as the agency’s virtual research and innovation lab and will offer a new working environment where employees can work using NFTs that are developed on Ethereum technology.

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