Meta Quest 3: Upcoming Meta Launch

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Meta launches new virtual reality goggles for the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently announced the launch of the new virtual reality and mixed reality goggles called Meta Quest 3. The device, which will be available later this year, offers higher resolution, improved performance and innovative Meta Reality technology, all in a more convenient form factor.

The Meta Quest 3 Glasses will be launched in all countries where Meta Quest is available, priced at $499.99 USD. An additional storage option will also be offered for those who need more space. In addition, Zuckerberg announced the return of the Meta Connect event on 27 September, where more details about Meta Quest 3 will be shared.

Meta Quest 3: a new era in the metaverse will be possible

Quest 3 is the all-in-one glasses that users have been waiting for, without the need to be connected to any cables. The device combines the highest resolution display to date with pancake optics for the ultimate viewing experience. It also incorporates a next-generation Snapdragon processor, developed in conjunction with Qualcomm Technologies, which will deliver more than twice the graphics performance of its predecessor. This will enable smoother performance and sharper detail in immersive experiences.

One of the key features of the Quest 3 is Meta Reality technology, which facilitates the seamless blending of the physical and virtual worlds. This technology goes beyond conventional mixed reality by intelligently understanding and responding to objects in the user’s physical space. This allows for natural and intuitive interaction, opening up a world of possibilities to explore.

Quest 3 features dual 4 MP RGB colour cameras, a depth sensor and a significant improvement in pass-through visualisation compared to Quest 2. These improvements will allow for a more accurate representation of the user’s play space and greater immersion in virtual content. Meta expects developers to take advantage of these new capabilities and create even more exciting experiences for users.

Meta has redesigned the Quest 3’s controls, called Touch Plus, to be simpler and more ergonomic. These controls will offer a more immersive and natural gaming experience. Users will also have the option to choose the Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers, which are fully self-guided. Hand tracking will also be available out of the box, allowing users to interact with virtual objects using their own hands.

Meta Quest 3 will be compatible with the more than 500 games, apps and virtual reality experiences from Quest 2, making it the world’s largest library of immersive experiences.

Meta Quest 2

Meta has announced that it will continue to offer support and upgrades for the Quest 2, even reducing its price to $299.99 USD for the 128GB model and $349.99 USD for the 256GB model. CPU performance and GPU speed will also be improved on the Quest 2 and Quest Pro through an upcoming software update.

In summary, Meta Quest 3 is Meta’s new virtual reality and mixed reality viewer that offers an enhanced immersive experience, innovative Meta Reality technology and a more comfortable design. With its improved resolution, next-generation Snapdragon processor and Meta Reality capabilities, Quest 3 sets a new standard for virtual reality headsets. Quest 2 will continue to be an affordable option for those wishing to enter the world of virtual reality, and both Quest 2 and Quest Pro are expected to improve their performance through future software updates.

Technology channels such as Xataca and Techradar write about the launch.

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